The Trail of the Mountain Spirits Scenic Byway winds through areas rich in scenic, historical and natural interest.




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Millions of acres to explore
Welcome to our remarkable corner of the southwest, home to an amazing variety of animal, insect and plant life, one of the last undammed wild rivers in the U.S. West and ruggedly scenic portions of the Continental Divide Trail.
Soak in natural hot springs
Thermal hot springs near the Gila River have been used by early people here for thousands of years. Find your own quiet spot to soak! Read more!
Year-round birding
Trail of the Mountain Spirits is a great year-round destination for birding. Nearly 340 bird species have been sighted in the Gila National Forest!
photo: S. Rucker

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Open roads, quiet spaces
The Byway is ideal for auto and bicycle touring, with dramatic views of the Gila Wilderness, the first so designated in the United States. Even before the Grand Canyon, the Gila Cliff Dwellings were designated a National Monument. Take a tour and explore inside the caves and natural "rooms" of the archeological site.
The Byway, today and tomorrow
Learn about the rich history of the land where the Byway runs, how the Byway came to be and how you can help us to insure the Byway's future for coming generations to enjoy.

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Funded in part by the
Federal Highway Administration.
Open roads, beautiful places

Trail of the Mountain Spirits Scenic Byway winds through the southwest corner of New Mexico, crossing six climatic zones and a broad swath of the Old west territory made famous by the daring exploits of Native Americans, Buffalo Soldiers, frontier famillies and outlaws. How to get here!
Lodging and dining

The Byway offers a range of motel, cabin, cottage and camping options. Places to eat range from casual to fancy restaurants, cafes and home made ice cream offer a variety of menu choices. See our Communities page for listings and contact information. Find a great place!
Enjoy cool sunny skies - tall pines!

Our weather is always great! Sunny skies more than 330 days of the year. Warm days, cool nights.
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Our dark, night skies offer fantastic
views of the stars!
When was the last time you saw a
brilliant night sky or the milky way?
We are shielded from light pollution by the mountains to the south and vast wilderness area to the north.
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